Kids Party Planner’s luxury children’s parties are amazing extravaganzas. As Amsterdam’s premier event planners, our clients book us for the very best, high-end parties. We go out of our way to find the latest and best entertainers and to create unique parties that will not be copied.

Each luxury children’s party is a bespoke event, which often involves set building as well as themed catering and entertainment. Our children’s party planners design your child’s event down to the last detail, keeping all the guests entertained all day with a high tempo spectacle. We also plan parallel activities for the adults so that they can also enjoy the party. Of course, you can choose a complete custom made party.  THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!! Prices are available upon request.

We also offer the Kids Nanny Service and the Kids Corners. During your wedding, dinner, exhibition or family trip for example we take care of the entertainment of the children. Either by a Kids Corner or via your own personal nanny – you don’t have to worry about anything and everything will be taken care of right up to the smallest detail. Additionally, we are “turn-key” in our solutions meaning we will arrange everything from set up to cleaning in case it concerns a Kids Corner for example. Our professional nannies take care of it all. Go take a look at all the different possibilities and contact us so we can discuss your every wish. We’re in the business of making your happening an unforgettable experience!

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Rachel Pietersma