Women support and help each other, especially in difficult circumstances.

Last Tuesday, 14 May, I gave my support by sitting in the Lock Me Up cage of the Free a Girl foundation.

This to experience what it does to you and hopefully inspire others!

Free a Girl is an international organisation that fights against child prostitution and impunity. Besides liberation and justice, Free a Girl focuses on the prevention of child prostitution and on the rehabilitation and reintegration of victims. Thousands of girls are forced into these acts, Free a Girl has rescued almost 4500 underage girls from prostitution.

When I look back on this, I have had a very beautiful experience. It has shown me how these girls go through life every day.

I was able to raise €560,- with pride to make my own contribution to this foundation.

Every little bit helps to their freedom. This is a project for which I like to give up every year. Are you too?