Kids Party Planner goes beyond parties! Turned out this extremely successful company had a lot more to offer. We also run a High End Nanny Service offering Nannies to guests of luxurious hotels, corporate companies, weddings and private families.
Our Nannies are not just regular Nannies, they come with a suitcase full of activities for the kids. They actually propose an entire outdoor activity plan, like a visit to a museum, or zoo, ensuring that the children get a feeling for the city and country they are visiting. Additionally the company offers a variety of languages like Chinese, Russian, Spanish and English. Our service is available 24/7! So whether you would like to indulge in a spa treatment, enjoy dinner in the hotel restaurant, or night out in the town, we have a flexible service that can make it happen!
To book a Nanny or more information, please have a look on our High End Nanny Service web page!